A calm and connected home for children and families

MindUP is a school’s based programme, as part of our training and support we provide parent information workshops demonstrating the benefits of MindUP and how to apply some of the techniques at home to support the whole family.

For guidance at home, outside of the school setting, see ’10 mindful minutes’ by our founder Goldie Hawn, linked below.

If you would like to pass on MindUP information to your school, download About MindUP and MindUP Whole School Implementation electronic leaflets.

MindUP is a CASEL SELect ProgrammeMindUP is a CASEL SELect Programme

Promoting optimal learning in the developing brain and enhancing family relationships. MindUP teaches children to

  • Know and understand their brain

  • Develop self awareness

  • Understand and manage their emotions

  • Improve their focus and attention

  • Build positive relationships with others

  • Act mindfully with care and compassion

Bring MindUP into your home by taking mindful moments together

  • Connect with your child by taking a mindful walk together, listening to the sounds around you, this fosters focused attention

  • Find time in your day to express what you are grateful for, this shifts our thinking to a calmer more content perspective

  • Join together daily in a quiet, focused breathing exercise - focus your attention on your breath, notice your tummy rise and fall as you take deep slow breaths to bring calm and reduce stress

  • At the end of the day take time to share with your child one or more things that went well today - this helps foster a positive mindset



Teaching children to focus on and control their breathing can help them become less reactive and more reflective when feeling anxious or stressed. The more controlled breathing is practised, the more self-managed and mindful they can become.

Take time to pause, listen and breathe together this will help strengthen focus and support emotional balance for all the family.

Taking daily Brain Breaks supports children to

  • Think more clearly

  • Act in a reflective manner

  • Better regulate their emotions

  • Reduce their stress

  • Make better decisions

  • Develop self awareness

A Guide

To all parents who want to let light in their children shine

10 Mindful Minutes

10 Mindful Minutes

Goldie Hawn with Wendy Holden

Supported by research, this book outlines simple techniques such as mindful breathing, sensing and thinking. It shows parents and children how to focus on feelings of kindness and optimism that will improve relationships, increase performance through better concentration and lead to emotionally healthy and happy lives.

Available Here

Download the excerpt

“This is a remarkable book… read it use it: you may find you are doing nothing less than giving back to your children their childhood while they still have a chance to live it”

Mark Williams, Director of the University of Oxford Mindfulness Centre

“The better we understand our own thoughts and feelings, the more we are aware and in control of our own behaviour. Rather than judging and reacting to what occurs in our lives, we learn to observe and respond thoughtfully. MindUP supports what we know about how children learn, and it augments their abilities to become resilient, mindful, optimistic and thriving human beings.”

Dr. Daniel Siegel, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA’s School of Medicine
  • I use 'Brain Breaks' with my son to help him focus before we do homework.


  • I wish we learnt this at school.